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Stakeholder information event

The current ESF project aims to pilot the EQUASS Assurance system to seven rehabilitation service providers in Estonia. Moreover, the project intends to raise awareness on quality of rehabilitation services to a wider sample of sectoral stakeholders, and to build capacity for a further roll-out of EQUASS approach on quality throughout Estonia in case of a positive evaluation.
In the framework of awareness raising among stakeholders, the project organised an information event on 30 March 2011. Guus van Beek, EQUASS Key expert, informed representatives of the ministry of social affairs, funder organisations, user organisation and project pilots about the EQUASS Approach on quality and latest developments at the European level. During that meeting the pilots presented the state of the play and the challenges they faced in the implementation of the EQUASS assurance criteria.

Pilot meeting EQUASS does not only measure and certify quality, but it also offers a framework for benchmarking and quality improvement. At the meeting 31 March 2011, the project pilots exchanged their experiences and the results of implementing the EQUASS Assurance criteria. During very intense and interactive sessions the pilots site exchange information regarding possible answers and solutions in meeting the EQUASS Assurance criteria. This benchlearning
experience has been greatly appreciated and has given all the pilots a unique opportunity to prepare themselves on the first test audits which will be carried out in April 2011. Induction training for Local Licence Holder On 1 April 2011, Guus van Beek discussed the role and responsibilities of the Local Licence Holder with Astangu Rehabiliation Center and a representative of the Ministry of Social Affairs. The training clarified not only role and responsibilities of the LLH but also the need for a national Stakeholder committee and the process of communication and certification.

At the meeting it was agreed that the project will inform the Ministry of Social Affairs about the process and results of the project in May 2011. (interim evaluation report) The information of evaluation is crucial for the Ministry to take decisions about a further roll-out of EQUASS approach on quality at the end of the project.

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